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Sure, when you think of comedy in Canada you think of our Quebecois neighbours in Montreal and the Just For Laughs festival (and for good reason! It’s a great festival), but during the rest of the year Ottawa is no slouch when it comes to giving you opportunities to laugh! Here are some upcoming comedy shows that are well worth taking a trip for!


You may know him as one of the stars of NBC’s Undateable, or from his Netflix specials Man on Fire or Incorrigible; however, there is no denying that Chris D’Elia is one of the hottest comics around right now, Chris D’Elia combines incredible charm with bottomless energy, making for one of the most entertaining shows you’re ever likely to see! D’Elia channels the cocky swagger of a young Eddie Murphy with the high-impact hilarity of Dane Cook in his prime, riffing endlessly while his audiences gasp for air! See D’Elia at the Centrepointe Theatre on September 20 for a gut-busting experience!


Maria Bamford is the co-creator and star of Lady Dynamite, a Netflix original comedy series, as well as the Netflix stand-up special Old Baby and she is absolutely a unique and hilarious comedy voice… er… well, really, she is SEVERAL unique and hilarious comedy voices. Her stand-up is filled to the brim with impressions of friends, family members, and the sorts of characters we’re all intimately familiar with and she veers wildly from one character to another while maintaining her own singular perspective.

A committed advocate for mental health issues and visibility, Bamford combines an important message with a thoroughly entertaining show. None other than Marc Maron, host of WTF, has called her the best stand-up in the game right now, and once you watch her it’s not hard to see why. Catch her at the Centrepointe Theatre September 26!

Of course, a good comedy show is just the beginning of a great night exploring the city, and downtown Ottawa has plenty to offer. And when you’re done, know you’ll have a great rest at the Best Western Plus Ottawa City Centre. Book your room today!
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