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The best part of travelling is trying all the new restaurants and bars in the local area. Since every meal is a meal out, you get the license of spending your dollar on a good joint! If you're a foodie, food enthusiast, or food-obsessive but don't necessarily want that label, head to Ottawa in November— and keep reading for a list of Ottawa's rising restaurant stars.


New Kids on the Block

Thru $$$$

Thru is the latest concept from notable chef Marc Lapin, who brought Atelier to Ottawa, an upscale and minimalist 12-course tasting menu restaurant specializing in molecular gastronomy. Thru is even more high-end and exclusive, there are only six seats in this nook within the Atelier restaurant. The menu consists of unique and inventive small plates such as dishes like ostrich tartare, snail caviar and freeze-dried cardamom ice cream. Thru offers an utterly once-in-a-lifetime experience, be sure to book your reservation in advance! 


Wolf Down $

Explore Berlin, in Ottawa! Wolf Down serves authentic Berlin döners that are deliciously filling and light on the wallet. The German take on the Turkish donair, a döner is a toasted flatbread filled with tender meat and crisp veggies and drizzled with a sauce you'll want to bottle up and take home. 


Uncle Tetsu $

The popular Uncle Tetsu bakery has opened a new location in Ottawa. Try the Japanese cheesecake that brought them into the limelight. It's light, fluffy and big enough to share—though you might not want to. 


Umbrella Bar $

Looking for a happy hour hangout? Umbrella Bar has an unbeatable view where you can enjoy tasty small plates and delightful cocktails with new friends from the city. 


Check out the full list of recently opened restaurants in Ottawa.

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