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The world is quickly changing and our daily lives look different than it did just weeks ago. Your health and safety are our number priority. We know there are numerous travel restrictions in place currently, but for those who are required to travel, we want to ensure that you do so safely. 


The news of the growing COVID-19 outbreak includes the recommendation to practice frequent hand-washing, self-isolation and social distancing—the practice of keeping a one-metre distance between you and another person. This practice, along with isolation, is key to flattening the curve of this rapidly spreading virus. 


If you are staying in Ottawa, here are a few fun and healthy ways to practice social distancing. 


Go for a walk

It's hard to stay active being cooped up indoors all day. It can also take a mental toll and affect your mood. Go for a peaceful walk in Gatineau Park, where you can find 90,000 acres of luxurious green space and numerous walking trails. You can also soak in Ottawa's beautiful scenery and head to Rideau Falls—the home of twin waterfalls that flow into the Ottawa River. 


As long as you maintain your distance from others and avoid transit to the park, it can be a great way to get some fresh air and exercise your legs. 


Dine inside

You can still enjoy a nice meal while practicing preventative measures. At the time of this posting, numerous restaurants and bars are open in Ottawa and you can safely dine-in as long as you keep a 1-metre distance between you and other patrons. You can also support small businesses from home by ordering takeout or by purchasing a gift card for later use. 


We at Best Western Ottawa City Centre hope you and your loved ones stay safe and stay strong during these trying times.

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